The Ultimate Guide to Roulette

A Roulette player should know the in and out of this game, after all, we are risking our money, and this is the purpose of this guide. Although Roulette dates way back to the 1600s which have given birth to the modern day’s Roulette games, however, I will not bore you with the history of Roulette. Let’s get straight to the crux of this piece. Someone wants to win!

This guide is meant for both a rookie Roulette player and someone who has lost some money on it and wants to get it straight before attempting the next. The game is a lot of fun, and the rules are pretty simple, so don’t worry about cramming rules in your head.

1. Understand the Basics: Here is a brief peep into this game. There is a wheel which is almost the most fascinating thing in the casino. It features red and black slots that have the numbers from 1 to 36 on them and one or two green zero slots. This depends on which you are playing, either European single zero Roulette or American rule double zero Roulette.

It is important to understand the differences between these Roulette wheel types. * The American Roulette wheel has a single green 0 slot, a green 00 slot, and numbers 1-36. * The European Roulette wheel has a single green 0 slot and numbers 1-36. * And the French Roulette wheel which may appear identical to the European Roulette wheel features French words.

Asides the “Wheel of Fortune,” there is a table which also features several additional sectors and numbers on which you can place bets. All players in the game place their bets on different positions on the table, after which the dealer (known as the croupier) spins the wheel and throws in a small non-metallic ball counter to the direction of the spinning wheel. Whichever number the ball lands in is the winning number.

2. Understand the Odds

Just before you go throwing down chips, betting on every spin of the wheel, you should understand or even memorize the odds you’ll receive for your bets. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to do this. Knowing the odds of the bets you have placed will allow you to correct the croupier in case he/she makes a mistake with your pay. Familiarizing yourself with the odds, you’ll get for betting on different sections of the table will give you the chance to calculate your possible return and make the necessary strategy. For instance, you should know the difference between zero and double-zero Roulette.

3. Types of Bet

A brief look at the Roulette layout and you will see that the real part has numbers from 0-36. Others are sectors for betting on groups of the number which includes odd/even, red or black, 1-18 or 19-36, dozens and columns. We have two types of bets, actually three. I will explain that.

  • Inside Bets: These are the bets you place on the numbers themselves.
  • Outside Bets: These are bets placed on other sectors, as explained above.
  • Announced Bets: These are special betting combinations, and they are most commonly featured in French Roulette, and they all have their individual French names. While the Inside bets have low probability of winning at a high payout, the Outside bets have a high probability of winning at a lower payout. So the decision is all yours.

4. Know How to Play Inside Bets

Many think of inside bets as individual numbers. But there are seven types of inside bets you can place. Each of the types has different payouts. * Straight – A bet that covers only one number. To make this bet, place the chip inside the square of the number. * Split – This is a bet on two numbers which are adjacent on the table, made by placing the chip on the shared line of the two numbers’ squares. * Street – This is a bet on 3 consecutive numbers located on the same line. To make this bet, place the chip on the outer corner of the row. * The trio – This is a three-number bet such as the zero or zeros. Place the chip on the line the zero box and the two other numbers share. * Six Line – This is a bet on 2 adjacent lines. To make this bet, place the chip on the common outer corner of the two lines. * Corner – A four-number bet, it is placed by putting the chip on the common corner of the four numbers. Also called ‘square’ bet. * Basket – Bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3 with a chip on the corner shared by the zero box and the first line. In American Roulette, it includes the double zero.

5. Know the Odds on Outside Bets

These bets are easy to identify. They are placed on any of the sectors on the perimeter of the betting deck. There are five common types of outside bets: 1. Black or Red – Bet on the color of the winning number. 2. Even or Odd – Bet on whether the winning number will be even or odd. 3. 19 to 36 or 1 to 18 – Bet on whether the winning number will be high or low (lower than 19). 4. Columns – Bet on which of the three columns the winning number will be. 5. Dozens – Bet on one of the 3 dozen located on the table’s layout.

The outside bet’s payouts include: * 1:1 odds on high/low selections, odd/even, and red/black * 2:1 odds on column bets and dozen bets.

6. Understand the House Edge

There are three unique variants of Roulette, and each is with a different house edge. * American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26% since it has a 0, 00, and numbers 1-36. * European Roulette features a house edge of 2.70 percent, with numbers 0, and 1-36. * French Roulette feature a house edge low as 1.35 percent when some bets like La Partage and En Prison are placed.

7. Roulette Chips

Having familiarized yourself with the basics of the Roulette game, you are good to start placing your bets. You place your money on the table and collect your stack of chips. Note that the chips are not numbered but colored, each player has a specific chip color, and this is to avoid confusion. Also, be advised that the minimums and maximums of table are in play at all times.


Roulette is based on chance and some strategic thinking. The wheel determines your fate, but it is expedient for you to understand and know your way around the game because they increase your chance of winning. While it is based on chance, learn how to cut your loss; every chip you save offers you a prolonged session and consequently, gives you more spin to work with as you try to beat the odds. “Take every chip you can avoid losing like a chip you just won.”

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A Roulette player should know the in and out of this game, after all, we are risking our money, and this is the purpose...
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