What Are The Best And Worst Bets In Casinos?

Many of us are experienced gamblers while some are beginners. Whatever spot you fill, it is good when you realize that casino gambling is more complicated than judging the games by their house edge. You might plan on visiting a casino very soon or staying at home to play online casino games. Either way, you have to consider how much you are putting into action and how much you are having while you play.

But do you know the casino game you play will determine whether you will improve your odds or the odds will be against you? It is the best you know the games that will reduce and increase your chance of winning before you start gambling. In this article, we will show you the best and worse bets in casinos to help you know the attractive odds and ones you need to avoid. Read on!

The Best Bets in Casinos


In most casinos, blackjack has a house edge of just 1% making it one of the best odds of winning. You won’t be playing against a poker champion but only the dealer. What you would be looking for is a number that beats the number of the dealer without going more than 20. It is indeed one of the easiest and best games to play. It is a moderate fast casino game, but on any given section, you still have a great chance of winning some money with its low house edge. If you are a novice, you can find time to sit down, and a dealer will show you the game process.


The roulette wheel is simple and pays well to some extent. Many of us have favorite numbers, and this game allows you to bet on them. If the dealer spins and your number comes in, then you win. You have a 50-50 chance of becoming a winner if you cling to betting on blacks or reds. The extra green 0 and 00 position on the roulette wheel is one catch that gives the house its edge even though choosing a color might give you an even chance of winning. Also, you can play just one number. Even though it is hard to win, you can win 36 to 1 if you feel lucky.


This dice game is also one of the best odds with almost 50-50 chance of winning. All you need is to bet on a dice roll. With all the boxes on the table, a novice might find the game intimidating. But it is one of your best chances to win and earn money. The come, don’t come, pass, don’t pass with 100X, 20X, 10X and 5X odds is a perfect bet when you utilize it. Even if there are no odds, the house edge is about 1.4%, and it is still a good bet. You can also lay the 4 and 10 or place the 6 or 8; often times you will not have your money acted upon.

Other best bets you can go for are:

  • The player and bank bet at Baccarat
  • Three card poker
  • Caribbean Stud and Pai Gow Poker
  • Spanish 21

The Worst Bets in Casinos


You can find Keno in most of the casinos, but it is probably one of the worse. The pace of the game is slow, and the odds are lousy. We can’t even find any reason to recommend it. To play this game, you would randomly choose any number from 1 to 80 and when you hit the payouts can be generous. But what if you don’t hit? You might run at a loss.

Slot machines

Generally, slot machines are one of the casino games that offer best bets. But if you take a closer look and try to be disingenuous, you will get to know that there are some that offer the worse bets. Even though slot machines are cool for certain players and great fun, not all slots are created equally. The progressive slot machines and airport slot machines make the worse list, and it is for some reasons. When you are playing a progressive slot machine, you are not likely to see the progressive jackpot. This makes the percentage of the payback significantly lower for you. The probably of this happening is more than 95 percent of the time. For the airport slot machines, the payback percentages are lower, around 75 percent and 85 percent. It means for every $100 staked in the game you will lose an average of $15 – $25. This is nothing compared to slot machines at casinos that offer about 90 percent payback. The reason for this big difference is because slot machines in airports have no competitor.

Any game you don’t understand

Are you surprised seeing this as one of the worse bets in casinos? No, we haven’t lost our mind. No matter the level of fun a game displays, if you don’t understand it, you would have a bad day and might not enjoy your day. By definition, a worse bet is the casino gambling game you don’t understand. You are better off playing the game you understand than playing a game you don’t know of.

If you know how to play video poker and you are playing blackjack instead, what do you think could happen? You might be wasting or risking your money because you are making a worse bet.

Some of the worst bets you should try avoiding are:

  • Any seven, whirl or world, 2 and 12, the horn, hard 6 and hard 8 in craps
  • Tie bet at baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Big six

Final Words

If you take a careful look at the lists provided above you would notice some games made the best bets lists and still made the worse bet lists. For example, craps. Do you know why? There are variations in the game. With the different versions available you can surely get ones with the best bets and best worse on the same table. But if you follow the lists, what are the best and worse bets in casinos would no longer be a question. Educate yourself about the game you would like to play before gambling; then you might not have difficulty distinguishing between the best and worse casino games. casino photo

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Many of us are experienced gamblers while some are beginners. Whatever spot you fill, it is good when you realize that casino gambling is...
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